How You Can Get New Ideas For Video Games

A springboard for game developers

Creating video games is an art, without a doubt. The problem is, it’s not easy to think of video game ideas. And even when we have an idea, it doesn’t seem as fresh or exciting as we’d like it to be. Here are some ways you can find some creative ideas to keep your video game fun from start to finish.

7. Play the video game before it begins to unfold. It sounds crazy, but it can be done and it’s a great way to understand the plot. To make it work, relax and visually imagine playing from start to finish. Let your mind suggest scenes, characters, plots and strategies.

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Write the game as it is played in your mind and then repeat for each spin you would like to see implemented in the actual game.

8. Throw the texture into the mixer. There probably couldn’t be anything more challenging in a video game than twists. As long as it’s not confusing to the point where players complain and stop playing, rearranging the plot could lead to funny and mind-blowing twists that no one could foresee. Try putting the beginning of the game in the middle, or insert all the subplots at the beginning of the game and make it all make sense towards the end (Think, “Pulp Fiction”).

9. See the game through someone else’s eyes. You may already know how you want your game to play, but everyone else does too. To inject some real creativity into your video game, design it as if presented from the eyes of a child, a lizard, or an inanimate object like a television. This exercise will not only keep the game intriguing for your players, but it will also make its development challenging and interesting for you. Don’t be surprised if your new vision changes the game as you develop. A new perspective has an interesting habit of creating new goals and new solutions.

10. Challenge the rules. Try to remember that most progress in anything (not just video games) comes from defying the rules. To make it work, think about the rules imposed on video game developers in the past and break them. Do the opposite. Where they say you can’t or shouldn’t, go ahead and do it. As long as your folly breaking the rules does no damage and jeopardizes the integrity of the game, go for it!

11. Don’t call your project a video game. Sometimes, when you change the name of something, you start to see it differently. This is because different words move a thread of thought in a different direction, a different direction that generates new ideas.

12. Combine ideas. We are often told to drop the first, second or even third idea that comes to mind for a project in favor of a much stronger idea. But instead of getting rid of these ideas, why not combine them into one? Combining ideas is one of the easiest ways to come up with new ideas and you can do it with your game. You could combine life forms, landscapes and all kinds of things. The end result would be amazing, and in the meantime your players will be wondering, “How did you come to this?”

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